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The ultimate blog about all things fashion. Fashion Week, Supermodels, Icons and every little aspect of fashion will be on display for all you little monsters. Today is Monday, May 29, 2017

Va Va Va Voom


Vogue Italia certainly made a statement by giving the June Cover to my favorite plus size models (from the left) Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine, and newcomer Robin Lawley. The cover shoot goes along with the 19 page spread,  which was photographed by Steven Meisel. The editorial showcases plus size model Marquita Pringe. Here are more photos and a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot:

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From the editorial, plus size models have been put back to the fore front.  The cover is a fantastic gain for plus size models everywhere.  Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief for Vogue Italia remains practical about the plus size model movement. When asked whether or not plus size models would be able to get the same jobs as straight size models Sozzani stated, "No, I don't think so, because for the moment -- and we never know, you know? -- but for the moment I don't think we'll see the same proportion [of plus-size models as straight-size models]. Just like we don't see the same proportion of white and black girls. They use curvy models sometimes, like a provocation, but it's just to show something different, which I don't like honestly". I think at this point you monsters know how I feel about  plus size models being integrated into the world of high fashion. There is no sense in beating a dead horse over this.

A new discussion is emerging from the plus size debate, which is whether or not the word "PLUS SIZE" should be abolished.  Models Crystal Renn and Marquita Pringe have both went on the record saying they don't want to be referred to as plus size. Queen Latifah who is launching a fashion line for all sizes through the Home Shopping Network has weighed in stating, "It is a word we need to bury at this point". I don't quite understand what the problem is. I have never had a problem with the word plus size. I don't think of plus size as curse or having any negative connotation. Plus size is just a label or category like african-american, or middle aged. Maybe I'm missing something; you tell me monsters.

Should the word "Plus Size" be done away with or not?


Are gender bending models the hottest things to hit the runway?


As of lately, models such as Andrej Pejic and Lea T have been taking the fashion industry by storm. These "gender bending" models have been the topic of many fashion writers and have received much controversy. Though, all this attention has definitely benefited them in the long run. These two major models have been featured on numerous catwalks and are becoming forces to be reckoned with in a world full of cookie-cutter models.

The fact that both are men makes the two stand out even more and in my opinion, it's sending a positive message out to everyone in the world. By everyone in the fashion industry embracing them, it's letting the other industries know that this is no longer taboo or unacceptable, but in fact it's really beautiful. This is a large step for the transgender and gay community. Maybe one day, not only gender bending models will be fully accepted but everyone in similar situations will be fully embraced. Let's face it kids, different is beautiful.

Andrej Pejic is an australian male model known for his diverse look. He was first scouted when he was 17 and has become a household name in the fashion industry. Most notably, Pejic has walked in Jean-Paul Gaultier's women's wear shows, walked in one of Marc Jacobs' men's wear shows, posed in a major campaign with supermodel Karolina Kurkova, posed on a controversal cover of Dossier Journal, ranked #11 on models.com's Top 50 Male Models List, and ranked #98 on FHM Magazine's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 (and received a lot of controversy in return) . Though this is just the beginning for this model sensation. We will definitely see more of him in the coming seasons.

Lea T is also proving to be a major force in the modeling industry. Born in Brazil, she has become famous for her unique and exotic appearance. Though, she was born a man, she intends to undergo surgery to fully transition into a woman. Lea has been in various Givenchy campaigns, the cover of Love Magazine, Vogue Paris, Interview Magazine, and ranked #42 in models.com's Top 50 Womens List. Also, she made an appearance on Oprah, winning her many new fans and exposure that money can't even buy.

Though, the question is: Is this another trend in the modeling industry? Ten years from now, will these "gender bending" models still be relevant? Only time will tell.


Designer Meets Retail


CFDA Award Winner and Art Institute of Dallas alumni, Billy Reid just released his retail collaboration with J. Crew. The collaboration features a 9 piece collection of Billy's signature southern style menswear designs but at a J.Crew price point. This collaboration and mentorship came as one of main prizes from winning the CFDA Award in 2010.  In an interview with J. Crew.com Reid stated that he "wanted to design pieces that would have a timeless classic American style". The collection is being sold right now in select J.Crew stores and at J.Crew.com. Here are some promotional photos that were actually taken inside of Reid's home in Florence, Alabama.


Another prominent designer that is also getting a small collection featured by J.Crew is CFDA 2010 runner-up Prabal Gurung. Gurung's collection will feature 7 pieces of his feminine yet powerful dresses, blouses, and trousers. Gurung first gained notoriety when First Lady Michelle Obama wore a few of his designs and it seems his career has really taken off now. Just like Reid, Gurung's collection will be sold in select stores and online. There will be a very limited amount of each piece; for some pieces only 50 units were made total, so you better check it before this collection is gone. Here are some picture of the line and the process of making it.



V Magazine puts the "v" in Diversity...


Sorry for the corny title but I couldn't help myself. The latest V Magazine has been dubbed the "Asia Issue" as it features some of the fashion industry's top Asian supermodels amongst some asian actors, filmmakers, musicians etc. Why?

For one, why not? As of lately, some of the top models in the world are Asian. Just recently Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana featured a whole lineup of their work on just Asian models. Supermodels like Liu Wen and Tao Okamato(amongst many others) have been gracing some of the most famous designer's runway shows and being cast for some major campaigns such as Estee Lauder.

Secondly, 10 percent of the proceeds will be put towards the disaster relief in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Making this issue not so much of a guilty pleasure and more of a necessity. In this issue, the magazine highlights supermodels Liu Wen, Fei Fei Sun, Tao Okamato, Shu Pei, and many others. There is also an interview with actress Nancy Kwan, an interview with Kate Moss by Shanghai Tang founder David Tang, a story about Diane Von Furstenburg's trip to China, a collage with Naomi Campbell, and a spread and cover with Lady GaGa... what's not to love? This issue is definitely a must-have.

Here are some images of the fabulous spreads in this particular magazine:

Though I'm very pleased with the outcome of this specific issue, I would have like to have seen the magazine highlight some of the major Asian supermodel legends: Du Juan, Juliana Imai, and Devon Aoki.... but that's just me being a diva.


A Curvy Girl's Guide For Fashion


Just a little over a year ago the plus size fashion market took a turn for the stylish. With beautiful full figure models like Tara Lynn and Marquita Pringe getting exclusive spreads in VMagazine and that controversial commercial from Lane Bryant, things seemed to be moving at a rapid pace. Now even though the editorial side has cooled down it seems retail is catching up, so here are a few new stores and sites that I came across for all the curvy girls out there:


Yes, I know the store has been around since what would seem like the dawn of time but the company has just recently started rolling out it's global online stores which includes a plus size section!! The only bad news is that the U.S won't be getting their own section until 2012 but in the mean time you can order from any of the other countries' website. I prefer the U.K's for now.

Madison Plus

I came across this amazing site about six month ago. It's like an online magazine for plus size women. The website keeps up with actual current trends that are going on in the mainstream fashion sector and then integrates online shopping into the mix; which I think is a genius idea! I have bought several different items through the site and I have not been disappointed yet!

Ashley Stewart

I found this store after I moved to Dallas two years ago and fell in love! It's a little like Lane Bryant but at a lower price range and targets a more younger adult customer and to a twenty something college student that is always a great description! There are several stores all across the U.S and they also have an online store ( I have bought clothes from both the stores and online). Here are a few of their pieces for spring:

A couple of other sites that I recommend for those that don't mind international shipping are: ASOS.com, Dorothy Perkins, and Evans. If you monsters know of any sites or stores that I didn't mention please feel free to tell me :)


Stay Golden


The past few seasons have been an extreme change from the previous seasons. For the best or for the worst? That's for you to decide. In my opinion, the lose silhouettes and this new use of color was much needed. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely one for neutrals and form-fitting silhouettes but this major shift is a breath of fresh air. The bold colors and smart use of layers are mesmerizing but am I the only one who finds this all very familiar? Bold colors/ fabrics and textures, smart layering, power house suits... have you guessed it yet? The Golden Girls! Is it a far cry to say that the result of the previous seasons are Golden Girl-esque?


...And we're back!


Hello all you fashion junkies! It's been a LONG time since our last post, but we are finally back. In the near future, you may see some changes (for the best) here at Fashion Monster and we hope to continue to deliver some much needed fashion news. So, why have we been gone for so long? Well, all of the bloggers for Fashion Monster are all fashion students and we unfortunately got really caught up in school (we're close to graduating) and now we are finally making more time for doing what we do best: discuss every aspect of fashion.



What's your sign?


I stumbled across this fantastic spread that represented each astrological sign. So... what's your sign?















Eat your heart out Victoria's Secret...


Former "Angel" supermodel Karolina Kurkova has recently made a huge comeback in the fashion scene. It seems that every major fashion show has this beauty as one of the supermodel highlights. After a few movie gigs and giving birth last year, Kurkova was not present in the fashion world. After being denounced her Victoria's Secret " Angel" title, many speculated that her modeling career plateaued but they couldn't be more wrong. KK(her popular nickname) is back with a vengeance. Her body and her career is better than ever. If you weren't a KK fan before, you surely are one now. Eat your heart out Victoria's Secret.





Tokyo Girls Collection has become one of the biggest fashion events in Asia. The semiannual show showcases the seasons fashionable streetwear by domestic brands, and are usually modeled by popular celebrities and some huge asian supermodels. The event is open not only to buyers and journalists, but also to the general public and incorporates live concerts by well-known artists. By the end of the show you'll be sighing "kawaii" (meaning "cute" in Japanese) along with these Japanese fashion monsters.

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Dear Crystal,


Renn in Feb. 2010

Renn in Sept. 2010

Crystal Renn, I used to be one of your biggest fans. I remember the first time I started to recognize your face was when you work for Lane Bryant because that's where you got your start as a PLUS size model. You inspired me as fashion designer and as regular plus size women. I was so proud when the fashion industry finally started to take notice of models like you, Tara Lynn, and Ashley Grahm. I was ecstatic when I heard you would be walking in the Chanel Resort Show 2011, but then I saw you and realized you were losing weight. And you kept going.... Now I hardly recognize you because of how thin you've become. You may not agree with me but I feel that you completely sold out at time when you really didn't have too, you were gaining success and you didn't need to lose weight to boost your career. As a fan I feel betrayed, I was once inspired by you and now I'm just disappointed. You said in an interview that you wanted all models to be called just models. Which is ridiculous to me because no matter what you do in life your going to be put in some kind of sub category, that's just the way the world is. You wanted be known as just a model and from becoming skinny you have definitely renounced your plus size title and at least one your fans.

What do you think monsters? Has Renn sold out?


Life In Plastic, It's Fantastic


Barbie inspired handbags by Paul's Boutique, enough said!


Are this season's shoes "must-haves" or "a musty mess"?



Victorious Angels


Please forgive the pun, but it could not be more true. The past few seasons the Victoria's Secret Angels have been seen in numerous publications, ads, and runways. It seems as if these top supermodels have been finally filling the shoes of past legendary Angels such as Gisele Bundchen, Karolina Kurkova, Tyra Banks, and Helena Christensen. In the "good ol days" for one to be a Victoria's Secret Angel meant  you had to be the best of the best and until recently fans have been very disappointed in the company's selection of angels. Alas the supermodels have stepped up to the plate and fans have quickly changed the way they perceive these "bombshells".

Though, many still find some of the Victoria's Secret models questionable. For example: Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington (for her role in the upcoming Transformers 3 movie), Lindsay Ellingson, Behati Prinsloo, and Marisa Miller (many say that she isn't high fashion enough but I am a huge fan and I feel like she is a great asset to the company). A bigger question is: Are all of these models actually "Angels"? According to VSAllAccess it seems so, but let's hope not... Like I said in a previous post, I DO believe that too many angels is not a good thing.

Sorry, it seems as if I went off on a tangent.... as I was saying: SOME of the Angels have really set the standard for what it means to be a Victoria's Secret Angel... Here are some images from a recent Vogue Spread featuring some of the Angels.


Ooh La La...


The Spring Season is here at last! Designers have once again gathered together in various fashion capitals to display their stunning collections. Among my favorite (just to name a few) are 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani.... This season was major!


Who Is The Loveliest Of Them All?


Love Magazine recently released Issue 4: The Gorgeous Issue with eight differnt covers featuring models, actresses, and even a doll :-) Each cover shot was photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. I think Rosie Hunington Whitley's is my favorite which one is yours?



Birds of a feather.....


Here is some work from "Birds of Paradise" by Gaby Herbstein, I could sit here and talk about how amazing she is, but I would rather let her work speak for itself. Enjoy :)

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<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/FvvZHkw2kVI&videos" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/FvvZHkw2kVI&videos" /> </object>


Let's Take A Look


A very hot comodity in the fashion world right now is J Brand Jeans. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwen Stephani, and Kate Beckinsale to name a few have all been photgraphed wearing these fabulous jeans. Here's a video from Nylon Magazine taking a behind the scenes look at one of their factories.

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/bvc-YUerTqI" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/bvc-YUerTqI" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/bvc-YUerTqI" /> </object>


A Big Win For the Girls


Luxury department store Saks Fifth Avenue made headlines this week by announcing that it's New York store will now offer designers such as Chanel, YSL, and Valentino in plus sizes!!!! Obviously, when I read this I started to bounce up and down with excitement :) This a very big step in the right direction because the plus sizes will be be offered on the LENGENDARY THIRD FLOOR instead of cast away in some dark distance corner with bad lighting. As many of you know the third floor is for the creme de la creme of fashion houses. Most of the designs will be offered up to a size 14 and some will even be offered up to a size 20!!! For the testing process there will probably be one or two garments per size category but thats only during the testing process. Saks is looking to have the plus sizes ready for racks Fall 2010! And if this test goes well in the New York store (which there is not doubt in my mind that it will) it will be passed on to all 50 U.S stores. Saks has definitely added more fuel to the plus size movement and hopefully other retailers like Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus will hop on the band wagon. I would just like to say that as a plus size woman who LOVES high fashion this is a dream come true, literally! To think that when I look at the pictures of Donna Karen's fall line I will be able to actually try it on and see how it looks on my body :-) I know I sound sappy but this means a lot to me monsters.

<span style="color: #000000;">Yves Saint Laurent







Janelle Monae is one of my newest music obsessions! I loved her first album Metropolis: The Chase Suite and her latest album The Archandroid did not disappoint! Some of the first tracks to be released were Tightrope and Cold War, some of my other favorites are Locked Inside and Oh, Maker. Janelle Monae is one the most conceptual and most creative artist I have seen in a long time. And lets not forget her personal fashion choices!!!

As you can see in the pictures she rocks the androgyny look quite a bit and I think it looks great on her! Her hair is absolutely adorable and it works with her androgynous style. All in all Janelle Monae satisfies my musical and fashion appetite so check her out monsters you'd mad if you didn't.

This video is for Tightrope (remix) enjoy!

<span style="color: #3366ff;"><span style="color: #000000;">

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/gvf3Vc2NzI4&feature" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="data" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/gvf3Vc2NzI4&feature" /> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/gvf3Vc2NzI4&feature" /> </object>



Lovely Bones


It's that time of the year once again, the latest couture collections are among us. So far, there have been some fascinating collections and the designers are really doing a stellar job. Though, I personally favor the Givenchy Couture Fall 2010 Collection. The pieces were beautifully crafted and quite stunning. Breathtaking. But don't take my word for it, look for yourself. Enjoy.



Who is your favorite V Magazine cover girl?


V Magazine has recently released their highly anticipated "V66 The Sexy Body Issue". This particular issue is filled with amazing fashion with one thing in mind: Sexy. The magazine will feature five different Supermodels on separate covers (sound familiar?) with scratch-off V's. Though some people are skeptical of the "sexiness" I personally think it was all done in good taste. Check it out for yourself!

<object height="350" width="425" style="display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/nanZZUjF_QY" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/nanZZUjF_QY" /> </object>

Natasha Poly

Eniko Mihalik

Lily Donaldson

Isabeli Fontana

Adriana Lima

Make sure to cast your vote!


Face, Face, Face!!!!


I came across this new beauty line while watching Nylon TV on youtube. The name is Tokidoki Beauty, tokidoki means sometimes in Japanese. The founder and artist behind the label and new beauty line is Simone Legno, who is italian artist that is heavily influenced by Japanese culture. The beauty line is sold exclusively in Sephora stores. Here are a few of the signature looks Here is a video of Simone Legno talking the cosmetics and the inspiration behind them. Check out the complete line at Sephora or check out his entire line of apparel and accessories at Tokiodoki.

<object height="350" width="425" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/ddl34kJAw8E" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> <param name="src" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/ddl34kJAw8E" /> </object>



Five Star Resort


Resort 2011 season just wrapped here recently and I have to say I am very impressed and inspired by what I've seen. The trends for this season look to be the essential hamptons hat, flowy floral dresses, and maxi lenght dress casual skirts. My stand out favorites are Jason Wu, Versace, and new comer Michael Angel.

Jason Wu

Jason Wu was definatley channeling Chanel's first ready to wear pieces with the cute parisienne straw hats, menswears pants, nautical striped sweaters, and classic tweed jackets. The line also featured a few shorts suits which is becoming a growing trend and adorable dresses and gowns which is what the Wu has become know for. A beautiful collection that includes 75 pieces total from a designer who's buisness continues to grow.


Versace continues to keep me wanting more with this electic 60's revamp inspired resort collection. From the Lichtenstein inspired patterns, the cute square purses, and those creatively sexy shoes that make me want to go into debt just to get them. For me though the best thing about this collection is the color palette that consist of orange, pink, lilac, pistachio, and mint. It reminds of a box of high fashion highlighters but in a good way :)


Michael Angel

Michael Angel is a new designer from Australia who label has only been around since 2008. I wanted to talked about his collection because of his use of digital prints, a growing trend that was recently discussed by fellow Fashion Monster Meganistic! His resort collection to me is for a women who constantly battles to be both feiminine and badass! With short sets, convertible dresses, and boho-grecian gowns. I am impressed with Michael Angel so far and I can't wait to see what the designer comes up with next!


Just Breathe


Supermodel and Fashion Monster favorite, Liu Wen, is the star in Poppy De Villeneuve's short film "How You Look At It". The visually enchanting short featured looks by Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Norma Kamali, Givenchy, Maison Martin Margiela, and Culter & Gross sunglasses. Wen performed amazingly and definitely impressed new and old fans alike. Please take a look for yourself. Enjoy.

Fashion Monsters